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Neighbourhood activities

At the ranch we have a corner full of tourist information of all activities in and around Eksharad. We help you with finding a fun activity and call if required for our colleagues to book. Here you also find a small suggestion.

The Big Four

20 Km south of the ranch is a museum: The Big Four where you can have a lot of information about the big four animals of Sweden.

Waterfall Brattfallet

20 Km north of the ranch there is a very beautiful waterfall Brattfallet (free entree) with diffirent hiking trips around the waterfall.

Rent a car

If you want to rent a car for just one or more days you can do that cheap at: www.embiluthyrning.com. It is only 3 km from the ranch and they talk Englisch.

Waterpark In Sunne (30 km south of the ranch)

there is a wonderful waterpark thet is open in the summer holiday www.vattenpark.se.


Ekshärad has a nice little centrum with different shops like a tourist information center (www.hagfors.se), icecream shop, sportswear shop, souvenir shop, 2 supermarkets, 2 gasstations with shop, flower shop, garden/animal shop, auktion hall, book store, loppis (2e hands shop) take away shoarma/pizza, and some restaurants.

More info about businesses in Ekshärad on www.eksharad.info.

10 km south of Ekshärad there is an outdoor shop.

Hagfors (20 km) has a little bigger shopping center with more shops en bigger companies.

The centrer of Karlstad (90 km) is a beautiful old city with a big shopping center www.mitticity.info.

You can also shop in Karlstad 7 days a week from 8.00 till 22.00h in Bergviks shopping centrer www.bergvik.se.


In the middle of Ekshärad there is a nice and new midgetgolf play.

Church in Ekshärad

Ekshärad has a very famous old church made of little wooden plates. Inside there are very beautiful paintings and history and you can have voiced guide through the church. Outside you will see the famous ornaments on the graves ''falling leaves''.


Ekshärad has an own little ski mountain with ski lift and 3 ways to go downs and possibilities to do some jumps. In Branäs (80km north) you will find a bigger ski area www.branas.se or www.hovfjallet.se.


You can raft on the Klarälven (biggest river of Sweden) on your self made raft: www.sverigeflotten.com and www.vildmark.se.

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Pricelist activities

Riding lesson in a group 2-5 persons 
Price p.p.: 200 Sek 2 hours activity, 1 hour lesson 
Price p.p.: 150 Sek 1½ hour activity, ½ hour lesson

Private Riding lesson
Price p.p.: 200 Sek per ½ hour 
Price p.p.: 350 Sek per 1 hour

Horse Riding Cutting lesson with the cutting machine 
Price p.p.: 495 Sek 2-3 hours experience and 1½-2 hours lesson depending on the size of the group and experience of the riders

Horsemanship lesson 
Price p.p.: 300 Sek per session (in a group) takes about 1½ hour

Walking trip with a pony for kids untill 6 years 
Price: 250 Sek for one pony, 45 min walking trail max. 1 hour away with the pony

Horse Riding Beginners Experience 
Price p.p.: 375 Sek, 2-2½ hours activity with 1 hour riding incl. introduction lesson

Horse Riding Mountain Trail 
Price p.p.: 550 Sek, 3-3½ hour activity, 2 hour horse riding incl. introduction

Horse Riding Sunset Trail 
Price p.p.: 495 Sek, 2½-3 hour activity with 1½ hour horse riding incl. introduction

Horse Experience Day Trail 
Price p.p.: 1100 Sek, Activity from 10-17h incl. lunch, 4 hours horse riding incl. introduction

Horse Swimming Experience Day Trail 
Price p.p.: 1450 Sek, Activity from 10-18h incl. lunch, 4 hours horse riding incl. introduction/swimming

Horse Coaching individual 
Price p.p.: 950 Sek per session 1h to 1½ hour


Horse Coaching in a group 
Price p.p.: 750 Sek per session 1½ till 2 hours – 1500 Sek p.p. for 4 hours session incl. coffee/tea.

Rent a Canoe
Price per canoe per daypart: 300 Sek for max. 3 persons

Rent a Canoe with drop-off
Price per canoe per trip with drop: Östra Tönnet 1½-2h paddling: 350 Sek for max. 3 persons/canoe
Price per canoe per trip with drop: Hornäs 2½-3h paddling: 450 Sek for max. 3 persons/canoe
Price per canoe per trip with drop: Alevi 3-4h paddling: 590 Sek for max. 3 persons/canoe

Rent a Boat
Price per day: 890 Sek maximum 5 persons

Mini & Medium Quad for kids till 15y
Price p.p.: 195 Sek for 20 minutes

Quad Short Tour on private property
Price p.p.: 395 Sek, 1 person per quad You drive about ½ hour incl. the lesson in the paddock and the 5km trail

Quad Medium Tour in the mountains
Price: 890 Sek per quad, max. 2 persons. Extra child with the guide: 375 Sek The tour takes about 1½h including the introduction and trainings trail in the own forest

Quad Long tour in the mountains
Price: 1690 Sek per quad, max. 2 persons. Extra child with the guide: 750 Sek You drive approximately 2x1½h including the introduction and trainings trail in the own forest

Wildlife safari
Price p.p.: 395 Sek min. 4 persons for 3-4 hours through the forest incl. coffee/tea

Price: on target/board: 30 bullets: 50 Sek - with guiding/instruction
Shooting trip forest: 50 bullets: 75 Sek instruction and then to the forest by yourself
Extra bullets: 50st. for 50 Sek

Engrave a nameplate
Price circle: 30 Sek - oval or horsehead: 50 Sek

Price p.p.: 149 Sek Minimal 2 persons. Take as long as you need!

Price p.p.: 99 Sek Take as long as you need!

Combin Sauna & Jacuzzi
Price p.p.: 199 Sek Take as long as you need!

Rent a big towel, bathrope and slippers
Price p.p.: 69 Sek You can use them during your whole stay here!

Strong, deep massage 50 min. 600 Sek
Relaxing soft massage 50 min. 600 Sek
Magnet massage 30 min. 400 Sek
Reflexology massage 50 min. 600 Sek 
Reiki Healing 30 min. 400 Sek

We reserve the right to change the opening hours, prices or activities. The original price is in the cash system!

Activiteiten om de ranch - engels