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Riding Lessons and training

You can come the Sun Dance Ranch for riding lessons or trail rides in the natural western style on our brave western horses. We also pay attention to grooming and saddling. We teach from beginner to amateur level. We have some nice trained western horses (Quarters, Paints and other breeds). Our horses can, however, not make sliding stops and spins.

Each horse has its own original American well-fitting western saddle. All our horses are ridden on a bitless sidepull or bosal. All horses also go barefoot (without horse shoes).

The riding lesson

We think it's important that everyone 's going to get his own horse, brushing and saddling himself (of course we help where needed). But by doing so you are already busy with your horse, you get contact immediately and are already busy for a moment. Moreover, it is not a bike or something that you takes out the shed, use and ' throw' back when you're done.

We start the riding lesson with the basic instructions for western riding. Learn to steer with weight, legs and neck reining in circles and figure eights. Later on you learn to ride with one hand. Regularly we put on a trail pattern. What we also like to teach to everyone is some basic horsemanship. So that you are aware of what you are saying to your horse with your body language. Very interesting!

We often close the (child) riding lessons with gymnastics on the horse or horse soccer. Good for balance and confidence in the horse. But later it is also useful during the rides in the woods. By the way: young and old think gym on the horseback is great!

Would you prefer private lessons at one of our horses or on your own horse to train individually on certain techniques, you can also contact us.

We have plenty of caps on loan here. Kids and beginners are obliged to wear a cap anyway. But everyone rides at your own risk anyway!

Pricelist riding lessons and trails

Riding lesson in a group 2-5 persons 
Price p.p.: 200 Sek 2 hours activity, 1 hour lesson 
Price p.p.: 150 Sek 1½ hour activity, ½ hour lesson

Private Riding lesson
Price p.p.: 200 Sek per ½ hour 
Price p.p.: 350 Sek per 1 hour

Horse Riding Cutting lesson with the cutting machine 
Price p.p.: 495 Sek 2-3 hours experience and 1½-2 hours lesson depending on the size of the group and experience of the riders

Horsemanship lesson 
Price p.p.: 300 Sek per session (in a group) takes about 1½ hour

Walking trip with a pony for kids untill 6 years 
Price: 250 Sek for one pony, 45 min walking trail max. 1 hour away with the pony

Horse Riding Beginners Experience 
Price p.p.: 375 Sek, 2-2½ hours activity with 1 hour riding incl. introduction lesson

Horse Riding Mountain Trail 
Price p.p.: 550 Sek, 3-3½ hour activity, 2 hour horse riding incl. introduction

Horse Riding Sunset Trail 
Price p.p.: 495 Sek, 2½-3 hour activity with 1½ hour horse riding incl. introduction

Horse Experience Day Trail 
Price p.p.: 1100 Sek, Activity from 10-17h incl. lunch, 4 hours horse riding incl. introduction

Horse Swimming Experience Day Trail 
Price p.p.: 1450 Sek, Activity from 10-18h incl. lunch, 4 hours horse riding incl. introduction/swimming

Horse Coaching individual 
Price p.p.: 950 Sek per session 1h to 1½ hour

Horse Coaching in a group 
Price p.p.: 750 Sek per session 1½ till 2 hours – 1500 Sek p.p. for 4 hours session incl. coffee/tea.

We reserve the right to change the opening hours, prices or activities. The original price is in the cash system!