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The ranch

The ranch has a big saloon with bar, company kitchen, shop and toiletroom. We have 3 cabins with in totall 6 bedrooms (for 12 till 13 guests).

The Saloon

The saloon does not only have a cosy bar, but there is also the possibility to eat. The saloon can also be used for dancing. In one of the corners there is a nice lounge area to sit and relax on the couch, read a magazine or play a game. At the front of the saloon there is a long veranda and a campfire and BBQ place.

Behind the bar in the saloon we have a big company kitchen with profesionel equipment and from the saloon and from outside you can go to the toiletroom. That room has 2 toilets, 2 showers and a double handwash. So if someone with a tent or camper would like to stay for a night (or so) it is possible (although we are not really a camping).

The Shop

From in the saloon you can go to the shop. We sell western riding equipment, belts and buckles, bolo ties, all kind of jeweleries, cowboy heads, waxcoats, souvenirs and much much more! Something for everybody. 

The Cabins/stugas

Outside, close to the saloon we have build 3 cabins to sleep in. Each cabin has a little hall in the middle. From there you can go in the bathroom with toilet, shower cabin and handwash. At the right and at the left side is a nice bedroom with two beds (some have three beds). So 2 couples can stay there in their own bedroom and they share the bathroom. Or a family with kids can live in the cabin. Each cabin has its own style and decoration. We have a Cowboy, Indian and Wild Life cabin/stuga. 

On the ranch we also have an original Swedish hottub, heated on wood. You can order to heat it up. Lovely for the muscles after a day on the horse or a long hiking trip! 

De Ranch

The farm has 18 hectare own ground. +/- 8h is wood/forest. We also can use an extra 5-6h from neighbours so totally we have about 24 hectare. 

Contact information

Sun Dance Ranch AB

Yggenäs Björkhaga
68362 Ekshärad
Värmland - Sweden

Tel. +46 (0) 563-40122
Anita Teunissen +46 (0) 768200579
Anders Skoglund +46 (0) 730621741

VAT SE559059 8495 01



September - October: 
Wednesday till Sunday 18.00-23.00/01.00 
But ring for a booking!
November untill 7 January: 
Wednesday till Sunday 18.00-23.00/01.00
But only open after booking!
8 January - 27 April: CLOSED 
Only open with special activities or for groups after booking!

28 April - 31 August: Daily 10.00-23.00/01.00 


September untill 27 April: All activities after appointment!
28 April - 31 Aug: Daily 9.00-20.00

Or OPEN on appointment or special activities! Ring for special wishes!

We reserve the right to change the opening hours, prices or activities. The original price is in the cash system!