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The Sun Dance Ranch is beautifully situated in the countryside and yet only 5 km from the center of the charming village Eksharad.

The area of the ranch is beautiful, especially for nature lovers! Around the ranch there are several marked walking tracks (from about an hour/5 km). And in the back of the garden is a real beaver dam that is still active and is increasing every year. There is also a beautiful lake to ride through with the horses. But you can also go there for canoeing or fishing. These lakes are close to the river Klarälven where the ranch is located.

There is plenty of wildlife to see around the ranch such as mooses, beavers, deer, foxes, badgers or cranes and maybe a linxs, wolf or bear. Although that is rare because they usually sit deeper in the forest and are very shy. We see occasional traces of linxsen and wolves during the day trails. Or been gnawed beaver trees etc. Very special!

Across the road into the forest there is a beautiful lake. And there are plenty of opportunities and trails for mountain biking.

The waterfall with beautiful walking trail: Brattfallet is really beautiful and worth a trip. Brattfallet is located 20 km north of the ranch and has 3 different hiking trips between 1 and 4 hours.

And don’t forget: almost every day we have the most beautiful sunset you have ever seen. And almost every day again it is worth a picture!

Contact information

Sun Dance Ranch AB

Yggenäs Björkhaga
68362 Ekshärad
Värmland - Sweden

Tel. +46 (0) 563-40122
Anita Teunissen +46 (0) 768200579
Anders Skoglund +46 (0) 730621741

VAT SE559059 8495 01



September - October: 
Wednesday till Sunday 18.00-23.00/01.00 
But ring for a booking!
November untill 7 January: 
Wednesday till Sunday 18.00-23.00/01.00
But only open after booking!
8 January - 27 April: CLOSED 
Only open with special activities or for groups after booking!

28 April - 31 August: Daily 10.00-23.00/01.00 


September untill 27 April: All activities after appointment!
28 April - 31 Aug: Daily 9.00-20.00

Or OPEN on appointment or special activities! Ring for special wishes!

We reserve the right to change the opening hours, prices or activities. The original price is in the cash system!