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The horses

The Sun Dance Ranch has about 20 horses. There are 10 horses which are moved from the Netherlands to Sweden. Including the American Paint stallion Day N Night by Anita.

Meanwhile we have a great diversity of horses of different breeds: Quarters, Paints, Nord Svensk, New Forest and several other breeds and crossbreeds. Every horse has its own character but all of them are willing to work, sweet, reliable and properly trained.

There is certainly a suitable horse for everyone!


Back to nature

At the Sun Dance Ranch we want the horses to live as naturally as possible. They never are standing alone in a small stable but they all live in a herd. This really is going great together! It really is wonderful to see how the natural order forms amongst the horses and how they educate each other.


The horses are living day and night in the herd and are standing the whole year outside. Of course they do have shelter stables and sheds. At night they have a big paddock, walking stable and sheds with always the disposal of hay, water and mineral/salt blocks. They can choose for their selves whether they want to be inside or outside, but mostly they prefer to be outside in summer and winter and in all weather conditions! During the day the horses are staying in one of the big meadows with forest with rivers, fens and hills to be a horse at its most natural way and thereby learning to handle a robust environment. Our horses have peace in their bodies, inter alia by the natural way of living. They are gladly willing to work for you! You will be amazed of what the horses can do, dare and how they handle the rough grounds.


We are riding all our horses bitless with a side-pull or bosal because they are calm and they are feeling happy here. Of course this is only possible when they are honest and neatly respond to neck reining. We are therefore proud that all our horses are riding bitless. No doubt that also the horses enjoy bit less riding!


What also is admirable is that none of our horses wears horse Shoes. Not even with the many stones and rocks on the riding routes. They are all trimmed naturally and this goes well for all our horses, in six months till one year all the hoofs where in great condition. Only with 2 or 3 horses it took longer because they had crumbled hoofs, but they are also doing great now. We are surprised how strong hoofs actually are and how they maintain themselves! Natural Horsemanship If you are trying to understand the horse more and speaking more his language you will notice that everything is going much more easily, your horse understands you better and wants to do for you much more. This is because he understands you, trusts you and there is mutual respect. You can learn the principles of horsemanship here and you can practice your skills immediately. It is very interesting to realize what you can say with your body language and attitude ( aware of unaware).

Problem horses

We get horses offered to us regularly which need a new home, often because they are ‘problem horses’. If we think that a horse like that fits in with the ranch or if we can find a new owner for it, we accept the project. It is usually so that in general the problem not lays with the horse but in the communication and handling towards the horse. First we let the new horse habituate slowly to the herd and eventually often the big problem is already solved just because the horse can be a horse again and is living in a herd. Horsemanship, well fitting rig and an honest and correct dealing and building is often the recipe for a horse to a good operate ( generally within a couple months). If the horse runs through all the steps with us and the trainees, he can slowly be deployed for the guests. And often these horses turn out to be super horses and happy with their ‘last chance’. Of course we cannot keep all the horses unlimited. Therefore once in a while we have a horse for sale, but only if we think that the horse will go to a good loving new owner that has a connection with the horse.