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Klassys First Star: Boots

Boots is a large Quarter Horse gelding from 2001 and approximately 1.60 high. He is very dark buckskin and has beautiful eyes! He is with us at the ranch from June 2011.

We could borrow him for a while, possibly adopt him, because the owner was afraid of him. It turned out that he previously had a not properly fitting saddle and therefore often was annoying and unpleasant. Of course, he has a good fitting saddle now. The first two weeks at the ranch he tested us with every trick that he knew but after a while a gave up and saw that it wasn’t that bad living at the ranch.

He found his way around in the flock an actually likes it at the ranch. He never did one bad thing anymore! He even shows te be one of our best horses we have.

So we quickly adopted him from the old owner because we didn’t want him to move again and get problems again.

It really is a super horse!

He doesn’t notice so much in the herd and is quite low in rank.

Boots rides great and is very light in the hand, is nicely trained and easy to ride with a side pull.

Everyone loves him!