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Extra information

You can book through the booking form on the website, by email or telephone. We look as soon as possible whether the date is still available and we mail you a booking confirmation with all the details. A booking is confirmed when approving the information on the booking confirmation and after we have received the first payment (within 10 days). The last payment should be done 6 weeks before arrival.

Arrange your own cancellation and/or travel insurance.


The cancellation fee is 35 % of the package price for cancellation up to 8 weeks before the start of an arrangement.
The cancellation fee is 60% of the package price if canceled between 8 and 4 weeks before the start of the arrangement.
The cancellation fee is 80% of the package price if canceled 4 weeks to the start of the arrangement.
The deposit fees are not refundable.

Points of attention

* Arrange your own cancellation and/or travel insurance.
* The Sun Dance Ranch is in no way responsible for items lost or damaged or accidents. You participate at the activities and staying at the ranch at your own risk!
* Wearing a cap, safety helmet or lifejacket is advisable and desirable but of course you join the activities at your own risk in the activities.
* The program is without prejudice and may be changed due to weather conditions. Also with inadequate and unjustified experience we can decide to change the program. Specify your true height, weight and (recent) experience on the booking form. This prevents unnecessary problems at the place of destination.
* It is necessary that you control the walk, trot and gallop to follow along on the day trails. You don’t need to have experience in western riding, every experience in which riding style is good. The first day, you get explanations and instructions about the western riding style, how to be saddled and how the horses are best ridden.
* We have smaller type of horses, 1.40-1.65 cm high. These horses are better suited for climbing and descending the mountain. You will be amazed of their endurance, strength and skills. In any field the horses are controlled and have a good condition. It does not mean that they are trained at a high competition level. They need to be able to see where they are walking in difficult terrain and ride with longer reins.
* In order to keep our horses treated fairly and because they ride 5-6 days a week, 4 to 5 hours a day (uphill and downhill) we allow a maximum of 90 kg to the weight of the rider.
* Chaps and wax coats (rain coats) can be useful to be prepared to all weather conditions. We have a lot of chaps and wax coats that can be borrowed. We also have plenty of saddlebags for the picnic.
* We ride with solid, original and well-fitting western equipment.
* Recommended for riders who want to swim with the horses, take water shoes with you because of the safety (for stones in the water and for the hooves). There are also water shoes here to borrow.
* All our packages are without transportation or transfers.
* If you want to travel together with other guests (as a guest or driver), you can note it on the guestbook or Facebook.
* Do not forget swimsuits, because we regularly heat up the hot tub (in every season) which you can use with swimsuit.
* Take your PC cable from your camera and/or a memory stick so that everyone can share/copy digital photos from eachother at the end of the week. Success guaranteed!


You have the opportunity to reserve a transfer to the ranch. The prices are per car, up to 6 persons (not per person) and for a one way travel.

Transfers one way, max 6 pers. Advanced reservations!

Price: Hagfors (20 km/half uur) 350 Sek p.tour 
Price: Basterud (15 km/20 min.) 295 Sek p.tour 
Price: Torsby (45 km/45 min.) 550 Sek p.tour 
Price: Karlstad (100 km/1½ uur) 1100 Sek p.tour 
Price: Branäs (100 km/1½ uur) 1100 Sek p.tour
Price: Kongsvinger (N) (120 km/2 uur) 1390 Sek p.tour 
Price: Oslo Gardermoen (N) (200 km/3 uur) 2200 Sek p.tour

Ask for any other possibilities.

Basic riding program

Day 1

Sunday after 16.00h arrival at the ranch. We have diner with all the guest together followed by a guided tour around the ranch and a little introduction about the horses. We can also get to know each other a little bit better.

Day 2

Monday after breakfast we will go into the fields with the horses. We give a general explenation about how we treat our horses and how we want everyone else to treat our horses. You also get information about living in the herd, different characters and how you can enter the herd safely. We will introduce the horses to you, make contact with them and teach you how to respect their and your own space. After that we give you a horse that fits with you experience. You can brush your horse and then we work with the horses on the ground, you can call it horsemanship. Now everybody has a good foundation for the rest of the week. If all this is going well we go to our ‘Extreme Trail Park’ and do all kind of obstacles. We walk with the horses so they learn to trust you. After the lunch, outside with the campfire, we will explain you how to saddle up a western horse and you get instruction in western riding. After that we do the ‘Extreme Trail Park’ under the saddle.

Day 3

Tuesday we’re gonna make our first day trail. We will make a glorious trail through the wild forest around the ranch. We cross many small roads, a rocky river and a ruin. We have a nice picnic place at a little river to eat our self made lunch/picnic, which we took with us in our saddle bags. Of course we make a little fire. We ride back to the ranch through a little different route.

Day 4

Wednesday morning you will get the basic explanation about Cutting (cut a calf from the herd). You get the opportunity to try it yourself at the cutting machine (a fake cow on lines which moves with a remote control). We have lunch at the ranch in the afternoon we make a short foresttrail.

Day 5

Thursday you have a day off so you can do want ever you like. You can eat lunch at the ranch or make a picnic and go out for a day. After dinner we have a sunset trip with beautiful views over the river with hopefully a wonderful sunset.

Day 6

Friday we will make our last trail deep in the forest and if the weather is fine we can go swimming with the horses into a big lake (July and August). Thats a magnificent experience! The non-riders can also come to the swimming place with the car. After the swimming we have lunch together and we make a fire to grill something. The last evening we have a party night with BBQ, nice music and a campfire, maybe even some dancing.

Day 7

Saturday after breakfast unfortunately it is time to go home again (before 11.00). We wish you all a good trip back home with a holiday you’ll never forget!